Cryder Capital Partners LLP – Best Execution Transparency Disclosures

In accordance with EU Technical Standard 28 (RTS 28), Cryder Capital Partners LLP sets out below, the relevant information on executive venue usage for the period 1stJanuary 2018 to 31stDecember 2018. It should be noted that the information applies to equities which were the only instruments traded during the period. 

For the period ending 31stDecember 2018 we confirm that there were no material close links, common ownership or conflicts of interest between us and the execution venues / brokers used by the Firm. Execution venues / brokers are paid on a pre-agreed cost per transaction. In this period no changes were made to the execution venues/brokers used. We do not receive any discount, rebates or non-monetary benefits on these services. We may on occasion receive short term market colour from our execution providers. All our clients are categorised as professional clients under Article 4(1)(10) of Directive 2014/65. 

The Firm may use broker Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) reports and internal analysis to monitor the quality of execution against our best execution criteria. We conduct regular reviews of our chosen execution venues / brokers against our Order Execution Policy, and may at our discretion, remove those which we believe are no longer offering us best execution.  

During the period under review, ‘price’, ‘costs’ and ‘likelihood of execution’ were the chief execution factors used in determining whether the best possible result was obtained for each transaction.  However, on occasion the firm may select another execution factor(s) with a view to achieving the best possible result.  

Date: June 2019
Cryder Capital Partners LLP